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Upgrade CentOS kernel without Reboot using Ksplice

It is simply how to allow kernel swap without needing reboot. Generally, all Linux distributions needs a scheduled reboot once to stay up to date with important kernel security updates. RHN (or other distro vendors) provides Linux kernel security updates. You can apply kernel updates…

kgraft to Patch Ubuntu Kernel without Reboot

It is simply how to allow kernel swap without needing reboot. Article by: arges New live kernel patching projects have hit LKML recently [1][2], and I’ve taken the opportunity to test drive kGraft with the Ubuntu kernel. This post documents how to get a sample patch working.

RavenDB at a Glance

Rethinking the database When most people talk of a database, they mean a relational database. Relational databases have been the foundation of enterprise application for the past 30 years. First defined in June 1970 by Edgar Codd of IBM’s San Jose Research Laboratory, relational databases…

RavenDB at a Glance Part 2

RavenDB is built to be a first-class citizen on the .NET platform offering developers the ability to easily extend and embed the database in their applications. A few of the key features that make RavenDB compelling to .NET developers are as follows: RavenDB architecture. RavenDB leverages…